Dmitry A. Fedosov
Division of Applied Mathematics
Brown University

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About me

I am a Postdoc at the Institute of Complex Systems (ICS) and the Institute for Advanced Simulation (IAS), Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany and work in the Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics (ICS-2/IAS-2) group led by Prof. Gerhard Gompper.

I finished my PhD in January 2010 at the Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University and worked under the supervision of Prof. George Karniadakis. I also closely worked with Prof. Bruce Caswell, Division of Engineering, Brown University.

My work

My research focus is on the modeling of complex fluids and suspensions, which include polymeric solutions and suspensions of biomolecules and cells. These fluids are generally viscoelastic and show incredibly complex rheology and dynamics. In addition, they often involve a large range of spatio-temporal scales. My recent work includes (i) coarse-grained red blood cell and blood flow modeling in health and disease, (ii) the Triple-Decker algorithm: a multiscale modeling method bridging atomistic-mesoscopic-continuum scales, and (iii) the development of algorithms for numerical rheometry. More details can be found on my research page.

Research Interests

  • rheology and dynamics of complex and biological fluids and suspensions
  • mesoscopic simulations of complex fluids and biological systems
  • red blood cells and blood flow modeling in health and disease
  • multiscale modeling bridging atomistic-mesoscopic-continuum scales
  • numerical rheometry
  • mesoscopic methods (e.g., Dissipative Particle Dynamics)
  • high-performance computing