Caroline J. Klivans

Associate Professor
Applied Mathematics
Brown University

Associate Director

office: 316 Division of Applied Math

address: 182 George St.
              Providence RI 02906
phone: 401-863-3187

Sandpile configuration resulting from 10 million grains at the origin.

Research Interests

Algebraic, Geometric, and Topological Combinatorics: Combinatorial aspects of simplicial complexes, discrete Laplacians, hyperplane arrangements, matroids, tilings, chip-firing models, quasisymmetric functions. CV

The Mathematics of Chip Firing. I am currently writing a book on chip-firing to be published by CRC Press.

Upcoming Events

ICERM Semester Program Nonlinear Algebra Providence RI, Fall 2018.

Discrete Math Days of the Northeast DMD NE URI 2018.

Joint Mathematical Meetings 2019 Geometric and Topological Combinatorics Baltimore MD, Jan. 2019.

Previous Events

Previous Affiliations

MSRI, research member, 2017.
ICERM, research member, 2016.
UChicago, research scholar, 2008-2011.
Cornell University, visiting scholar, 2009-2010.
UChicago, L.E. Dickson instructor, 2004-2008.
Cornell University, instructor, spring 2004.
MSRI, postdoctoral fellow, fall 2003.
MIT, graduate student, 1999-2003.
Cornell, undergraduate student, 1995-1999.