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Lefschetz Center for Dynamical Systems

Boris Rozovsky




Brown University
Division of Applied Mathematics
Box F / 182 George Street
Providence, RI 02912

Office: Room 225, 182 George Street
Phone: +1 401 863-9246
Fax: +1 - 401 - 863 1355
E-mail: Boris_Rozovsky at (replace the "at" by a @)


Research interests

Stochastic partial differential equations (SPDEs) and their applications. SPDEs is an interdisciplinary area at the crossroads of stochastic processes and partial differential equations.  Research focuses on the development of spectral methods, in particular, the Wiener Chaos expansions for SPDEs, as well as applications of  SPDEs to fluid dynamics in turbulent flows and nonlinear filtering (Hidden Markov Models) for spatial-temporal processes.




Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Vilnius State University, 1984.

Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Fellow, 1997.

International Academy of Natural and Social Sciences, Peter-the-Great Medal, 1997.

Kolmogorov Centennial Conference, Kolmogorov Medal, 2003.


Curriculum Vitae


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