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Graduate Program


Brown University, founded in 1764, is the seventh oldest institution of higher learning in America and one of the major universities in the nation. With an enrollment of 5,600 undergraduates and 1,300 graduate students, it combines a university's emphasis on scholarship and research with a college's commitment to education and attention to the individual student. Brown awards degrees in virtually all areas of the humanities, the physical, biological and social sciences, mathematics and computer science. The Division of Applied Mathematics is one of the most prominent departments of the University, and one of the oldest and strongest of its type in the country.

The Division of Applied Mathematics is devoted to training and research in a broad spectrum of applied mathematics. It explores the connections between mathematics and its applications at both the research and the educational levels. The principal areas of research activities are ordinary, functional, and partial differential equations; stochastic control theory; applied probability, statistics and stochastic systems theory; neuroscience and computational biology; numerical analysis and scientific computation; and the mechanics of solids and fluids. The effort in virtually all the research areas ranges from applied and algorithmic problems to the study of fundamental mathematical questions. This breadth is one of the great strengths of the program.

Scholarship and research in the Division of Applied Mathematics are augmented by many points of contact with the Department of Mathematics and the Division of Engineering, including joint appointments, courses, and research projects. There are also collaborative research projects and joint courses with faculty in the Departments of Computer Science, Biostatistics, Economics, Geological Sciences and Neuroscience, as well as with faculty in the Medical School. Some of the areas in which there are cooperative research projects with other departments include partial differential equations, fluid and solid mechanics, robotics and computer vision, scientific and parallel computing, stochastic systems theory and medical statistics.

Those who are interested in applying to the Graduate Program in Applied Mathematics at Brown University, please visit the on-line application site of the Brown University Graduate School.