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The Applied Mathematics Departmental Undergraduate Group (AMDUG) aims to bring together students who have an interest in applied mathematics to share resources, develop relationships with faculty, and organize lectures.   Since Applied Mathematics is inherently cross-diciplinary, the AMDUG welcomes students from all concentrations with a mathematical aspect.  Interested students need not have an applied mathematics background to participate.  By building a community of students with diverse interests, unified by mathematics, we hope to make the Brown undergraduate experience richer and more fulfilling. 

The AMDUG holds its activity sessions at the Friedman Study Center as well as in the Division of Applied Mathematics at 182 George Street.  Some of our activites include, student and faculty lunches, talks by Brown faculty, math puzzle evenings, and film-screenings. 

If you are interested in joining the AMDUG, please contact Jesus_Leyva@Brown.edu.  For a list of upcoming events, stay tuned!

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